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The epic social network based on geolocation for the fight against crime

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Socialization and safety in your hands.

Reach is a social safety network, which allows you to prevent the dangers lurking in your environment also gives you the opportunity to receive immediate assistance in emergencies. Now you could play a leading role in the fight against crime by a common good.

  • Alert all with just one button
  • Active and accurate geolocation
  • Real-time communication
  • Anonymity available


Feel free to suggest any new features to

Your security, your help.

Your security, your help.

Report incidents, hazards or illegal activities anonymously and alert users who are around you.

Receive real time notifications about new incidents that exist around you.

Each incident has own space for the exchange of reviews and multimedia, in addition it can be easily shared on more than 120 social networks for free.

  • Active and accurate geolocation
  • Real-time communication
  • Anonymity available

Share locations and take care of your family.

Request the current location to your contacts and manage the permissions of who can find your current location.

Define relief contacts and if you are in danger just press a button and they will receive a notification and an email with your real time location.

Coming soon . Set up alarms with geolocation, if you are not at the time and place indicated an alert will be sent to your contacts of relief.

  • Active and accurate geolocation
  • Alert all with just one button
  • Real-time communication
Share locations and take care of your family.
We are all connected

We are all connected

If you're on the highway, receive real time alerts about the routes required by the police or fire department in your town for the resolution of emergencies.

Reach is designed to operate in all countries and available in the most used languages.

  • Active and accurate geolocation
  • Real-time communication


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Violence Against Women Report Network

If you have been a victim or witness of a violence against women case now you can make an anonymous public report and find out which are the institutions that can be contacted for aid in such situations.



Reach's infrastructure runs on top of Microsoft Azure. Is part of a growing global network across more than 19 regions.


Available on the most used languages and for any device. Join us on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

24/7 Support

Reach's web sites and services are built on top of Microsoft Azure, availability and efficiency guaranteed.


Most of the social features are free and all core security services are free forever.


A unique platform in constant update and built with the latest technologies on the market.


Open data available through the API for developers.

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